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    Top Vapor VP-100 Vaporizer

    The Top Vapor VP-100 is an excellent beginner desktop vaporizer that is simple to use, giving consistently powerful draws in an elegant, old-school design. With total temperature flexibility controlled through a digital LED display, your experience is customizable. Top Vapor VP-100 Vaporizer uses conduction heating to produce potent clouds with a whip-style airpath delivery.

    How to Use Top Vapor VP-100 Vaporizer

    The ceramic heating element in VP-100 Vaporizer is contained within its case in a glass tube. This tube acts both as the outlet for the heat and as the socket for the wand piece where you pack your cannabis. There is a screen inside both parts to prevent herb from touching the ceramic element.

    The temperature gauge on Top Vapor VP-100 Vaporizer is extremely easy to set. Good vaping temperatures range from anywhere between 112° Fahrenheit to 428° Fahrenheit, depending on whether you like thick, heavy clouds or lighter ones. The difference is in the taste.

    Smaller vapor clouds come from lower temperatures where terpenes and flavonoids will be more pronounced, giving the vapor more flavor. The sweet spot is around 200° Fahrenheit to get a good balance between vapor density and flavor. Each individual will like something different. This will also depend on the cannabis strain you are using. Top Vapor VP-100 Vaporizer caters to all tastes and experience levels with user-friendly design and excellent temperature control.

    Many older whip design vapes are designed like hookahs, many with a 90-degree angle insert. Top Vapor VP-100 Vaporizer improves upon this design by angling its wand insert. The wand fits in place and you’re able to draw from it without holding it in place.

    Old-School Appeal With Top Vapor VP-100 Vaporizer

    Nostalgic, old-school cannabis sativa fans will enjoy some subtle design features of the Top Vapor VP-100 Vaporizer. Being able to see the vapor in the airpath allows you to adjust the strength of your draw to accommodate the volume. An additional benefit of the whip design is it allows you to pull the wand out near the end of your draw. This acts as the ‘choke’ on a bong or bubbler, giving you a hit of fresh air to power the vapor deeper into your lungs for more effective absorption of cannabinoids.

    Top Vapor VP-100 Vaporizer is a conduction vaporizer and you will need to stir the flowers between draws to ensure that all its surface area is effectively used up. The large chamber makes it easy to pack large bowls that can be shared in a group session. To learn how conduction vaporizers work, check out our article 'Vaping: The Ultimate Guide'.

    How to Clean Top Vapor VP-100 Vaporizer

    As with so many high-quality vapes on the market, Top Vapor VP-100 Vaporizer is made user-friendly and simple for a laid-back vaping experience. The device has a storage drawer built-in, allowing you to stash any tools or materials so your work surface stays clean and organized when you’re not vaping.

    Every piece of the Top Vapor VP-100 Vaporizer is fully detachable to make thorough cleaning easy. The food-grade plastic whip can be cleaned out with hot water and eventually replaced if needed. The glass mouthpiece and wand can be soaked in isopropyl and rinsed for easy cleaning. The case needs minimal cleaning, simply dust it and empty errant debris as needed.

    What’s in the Box

    1x VP 100 Vaporizer

    1x Wand

    1x Tubing

    1x Mouthpiece

    1x Power Cord


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