Select CBD Revive Vape Pen

    Select CBD Revive Vape Pen is a 500mg premium hemp oil vape pen with 250mg of high-quality CBD hemp extract. Revive CBD oil vape pens are available in Grapefruit or Lemon flavors, infused with natural, cold-pressed essential oils. Using disposable ceramic core technology, Select CBD Revive Vape Pen is self-contained and simple to use. The ceramic core efficiently heats the CBD oil for large, satisfying volumes of uplifting, citrus-scented vapor.  

    Effects of Select CBD Revive Vape Pen

    Revive Vape pens come in Lemon or Grapefruit flavored hemp oil extract and are perfect for any time of day when you need a pick-me-up. Non-psychoactive and paranoia-free, Select CBD won’t get you high. Many Select CBD users vape Revive CBD oil for pain issues. CBD can also be administered to treat anxiety and nausea. Lemon and Grapefruit essential oils are invigorating, with a refreshing, light exhale.

    Different CBD products can be used together safely to provide well-rounded symptom management for more serious ailments. For carefully dosed full-spectrum CBD tincture to substitute as a safe alternative to pharmaceuticals, we recommend BLOOM FARMS Full Spectrum CBD Tincture, available in three concentrations. 

    How to use Select CBD Revive Vape Pen

    Select CBD Revive Vape Pen effectively delivers microdoses of 1-2mg of pure CBD per three-second puff. Without buttons or a need for pre-heating, this self-contained vape pen is breath-activated. Simply inhale slowly, deeply, and enjoy.

    For a citrus-flavored inspiration session at any time of day, try Select CBD Revive Vape Pen! If you're looking for other flavors and vibes, Select CBD Vape Pens are also available in Relax (Lavender or Cinnamon) and Focus (Spearmint or Peppermint) flavors.

    Includes: 1 x pre-charged vape pen with 500mg of oil containing 250mg CBD.

    Ingredients: MCT coconut oil, 100% pure CBD hemp extract, cold-pressed essential oils.



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