Select CBD Focus Vape Pen

    Select CBD Focus Vape Pen provides 250mg of 100% pure CBD extract in 500mg of MCT coconut oil flavored with all-natural essential oils. Available in Spearmint or Peppermint flavor, Select CBD Focus Vape Pen delivers refreshing vapor on-the-go. There is no need for pre-heating, charging, or temperature setting. Select CBD Focus Vape Pens are made with a disposable ceramic core, for a self-contained vape that you can use immediately. The QR code provided links to third-party lab tests that guarantee each premium batch’s safety and purity.  

    Effects of Select CBD Focus Vape Pen

    Great to use day or night, Focus Vape pens give you a little extra lift when you’re feeling sluggish and uninspired. Users who are sensitive to even the slightest traces of THC in hemp will enjoy Select’s 100% pure CBD extract. With all other trace cannabinoids entirely removed, Select CBD Focus Vape Pen is relaxing and paranoia-free. Many Select CBD users vape Focus CBD oil for pain and muscle stiffness resulting from long stints of sitting at a desk all day. To learn more about the ways that CBD is being used to treat various conditions, read our article CBD oil: What is it and how is it used?.

    If you vape regularly, it’s possible you already have an O.PenVAPE 2.0 Variable Voltage Battery or a similar 510 thread battery to accommodate cartridges. We highly recommend BLOOM FARMS CBD Vapor Cartridge in Sequoia Mint for a similar experience to Select CBD Focus in a broad-spectrum CBD oil. 

    How to use Select CBD Focus Vape Pen

    Each three-second puff of Select CBD Focus Vape Pen delivers 1-2mg of pure CBD. This disposable, ready-to-use model is breath-activated. Inhale slowly and enjoy.

    Inject some energy into your day and get that second wind with Select CBD Focus Vape Pen! To explore the full range of Select CBD vape pens (they make great gifts!), try out Revive (Lemon or Grapefruit) and Relax (Lavender or Cinnamon).

    Includes: 1 x pre-charged vape pen with 500mg of oil containing 250mg CBD.

    Ingredients: MCT coconut oil, 100% pure CBD hemp extract, cold-pressed essential oils.


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