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    Santa Cruz Shredder 4-Piece Grinder

    Santa Cruz Shredder Large 4 piece

    Santa Cruz Shredders are cleverly designed to easily shred your favorite materials to the perfect fluffy consistency for optimal consumption. All shredders are equipped with rare earth magnets that help keep the lid secured during the grinding process. 

    Featuring a revolutionary tooth design that grinds in both directions, you will effortlessly get the perfect grind every time without having to worry about damaging the teeth of the shredder over time.The top and bottom rims have multiple little grips around the diameter that improves your grip provides to shred the stickiest of herbs with minimal hand strength required.

    The durableSanta Cruz Grinders are anodized for a harder surface that is resistant to scratches, thread damage, and tooth damage which is why their effectiveness can last a lifetime!

    The Powerful magnets within these shredders are actually'Neodymium Diametrically Magnetized Cylindrical Rare Earth Magnets' which pretty much means that they are so strong they not only prevent accidental spills by holding all pieces firmly together during the grinding process but also prevent odors from escaping.  

    Santa Cruz Shredders are trulyAdvanced Engineered Grinders that arebuilt to last and be used on a regular basis.

    4 sizes available

    • 1 5/8"
    • 2 1/8"
    • 2 3/4"
    • Jumbo


    • Made in Santa Cruz USA, ships from within the USA
    • Crafted From Aerospace-Grade Aluminum
    • Ultrasonically cleansed anodized aluminum
    • Innovative new tooth design
    • Top-quality rare earth magnet in lid
    • Proprietary Thread Design
    • Lifetime Warranty!

    A Must Have For Anyone Collecting Long lasting Cool Grinders!


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