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    Revelry The Escort Backpack

    The Escort Backpack by Revelry Supply (18L)

    The Escort Backpack is a lockable, durable, and functional backpack capable of holding everything you might need for your next session.

    To ensure ultimate security and easy transportation, the Escort Backpack comes with a laptop divider for added organization. You will find a secret inner stash pocket that allows you to hold or hide more materials in the pockets on both sides that adds a level of discreetness and practicality to the Escort Backpack.

    Whenever you want to get the Revelry Escort Backpack smelling as good as new, you can always place it inside a dryer for a few minutes to help release all absorbed odors.

    The Escort Backpack Capacity and  Dimensions

    Dimensions: 17” x 13” x 5”
    Volume: 18 Liters


    Revelry Supply understands the surprises that traveling can throw at you. That’s why the Escort Backpack features a durable and waterproof rubber-backed exterior that protects your goods during your travels.


    Constructed from Revelry Supply's hybrid technology that activates charcoal and synthetic filters, the Escort Backpack is water-resistant and boasts a Carbon Filter System that ensures that no concentrates or dry herbs odors cannot escape. This unique technology take odor absorption to the next level. 

    This sleek looking backpack is durable and can be used for anything!



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