O.PenVAPE FIY Kit

    O.PenVAPE FIY Kit - Customize your experience

    This Fill It Yourself Kit is the perfect accessory for the vapor connoisseur who likes to dabble in a little liquid concentrate mixing. Create and customize your own experience right from your home!

    The kit’s lid will grip your cartridge as you fill, while the base is built at an angle, conducive to filling your cartridge with your newly mixed blend.

    Create and load your own oils with the easy to use mixing and filling tools. One bottle of your customized 5 ml O.juice is enough for 10 cartridge refills so you are ready to vape anytime, just the way you like it! 

    Get extra empty cartridges so you always have enough of your mix on you.

    Compatible with

    Herbal Extracts & Essential Oils

    How To Use

    • Take the cartridge out of the O.penVAPE by removing the mouthpiece and rubber tip
    • Place the empty cartridge on the top lid; the notch helps holding it straight and secure
    • Use the Honey Pot Bowl to prepare your mix. Ideally use 0.5mL of the provided O.juice and 0.5mL of your essential oil or herbal extract of your choice.
    • Stir everything using the Honey Dipper
    • Take the Syringe to add your customized oil mix to fill the empty cartridge sitting on the lid
    • Reassemble your the O.penVAPE Battery by reattaching the newly filled cartridge and mouthpiece
    • The pen is draw activated so just sit and relax and enjoy your customized mix

    What's In The Box

    • O.penVAPE Battery
    • 0.5ml of O.juice
    • Honey Pot (food-grade mixing bowl) & Lid
    • Honey Dipper
    • Syringe Fill Tool
    • Empty 0.5ml Cartridge
    • USB charger
    • O.penVAPE lanyard


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