Mary's Nutritionals Whole CBD Pet Buddy Balm

    Mary's Nutritionals Whole CBD Pet Buddy Balm is part of Mary’s Tails collection of full-spectrum CBD products formulated especially for your non-human companion. Mary’s Pet Buddy Balm safely and conveniently delivers full-spectrum CBD for dogs, cats, and any other domesticated animal.

    This full-spectrum CBD balm is a natural, plant-based healing and pain-killing topical treatment for cracked, aching skin, elbows, paws, and noses. Combined with nourishing essential oils and skin conditioners, Mary's Nutritionals Whole CBD Pet Buddy Balm is easy to apply and packaged for travel.




    Full-spectrum CBD topical and ingested products are as effective for animals as they are for humans. In a veterinary study of dogs suffering from osteoarthritis, CBD was shown to significantly decrease pain and increase mobility.

    Full-spectrum CBD for animals is effective because they have an endocannabinoid system that is compatible with phytocannabinoids just like ours. In addition to assisting with skin healing and rejuvenation, full-spectrum CBD can significantly reduce swelling, redness, and other inflammatory symptoms that cause your pet discomfort.


    How to use


    Mary's Nutritionals Whole CBD Pet Buddy Balm makes user-friendly, no-mess application a breeze. Each 32.1-gram balm contains 75mg of activated hemp extract sourced from 100% organic, US-grown hemp. Simply apply to your pet’s itchy, cracked, and irritated skin directly.

    This full-spectrum CBD Pet Balm is made with 100% organic hemp-derived CBD, combined with Safflower Oil, Shea Butter, Beeswax, Jojoba Oil, Benzoin, Vitamin E, Lavender Essential Oil,and Holy Basil Essential Oil. Fast-absorbing jojoba oil acts as a carrier for the powerful healer and antioxidant Vitamin E. Lavender soothes while Holy Basil acts as a potent anti-microbial to protect your buddy’s skin from infection.


    Treat your non-human friend to healthy, crack-free skin with Mary's Nutritionals Whole CBD Pet Buddy Balm!

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