Mary's Nutritionals Regular CBD Muscle Freeze

    Mary's Nutritionals Regular CBD Muscle Freeze is designed with sore, aching muscles in mind, made with full-spectrum CBD extract to quickly deliver topical relief.

    Combined with other therapeutic, plant-derived compounds, Mary's Nutritionals Regular CBD Muscle Freeze has many long-term users who swear by its soothing effects for many pain-related symptoms.


    Easy to carry for travel, Mary's Nutritionals Regular CBD Muscle Freeze can be applied every 2-4 hours for fast-acting relief of back pain, muscle spasms, cramps, arthritis, and similar issues. Full-spectrum CBD is valued for its naturally-occurring hemp-derived terpenes and compounds. CBD Muscle Freeze compliments this powerful natural extract with menthol and camphor to deliver superior muscle-melting effects. Camphor extract has long been used topically to relieve pain and irritation. Like CBD and other cannabinoids, it has been used to treat chest congestion and inflammatory conditions.

    How to use

    Each 92.1-gram container of CBD Muscle Freeze is infused with 200mg of activated hemp extract sourced from 100% organic, US-grown hemp. Mary's Nutritionals Regular CBD Muscle Freeze can be used in combination with other CBD products, like Mary's Nutritionals Elite CBD Compound, which provides all-day protection and moisture with the added benefit of full-spectrum topical CBD. For well-rounded pain management, consider adding Mary's Nutritionals Elite Capsules to your wellness routine, for effective micro-dosing that assists with relaxation, eased anxiety, and enhanced focus.

    Mary's Nutritionals produces full-spectrum hemp products that you can trust. By conducting their own in-house testing with cutting edge technology, they ensure pristine analysis is undertaken in assessing the efficacy and potency of their full-spectrum CBD products for pets and for you.

    Experience the life-enhancing benefits of using CBD to treat stiff joints and muscle pain with Mary's Nutritionals Regular CBD Muscle Freeze!

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