LEVO II Oil & Butter Infuser

    LEVO II Oil & Butter Infuser with Decarboxylator

    The LEVO 2 Infuser is the natural evolution of the streamlined LEVOI oil infusion that revolutionized the at-home infusion process.

    LEVO II is the most advanced oil and butter infusion process you have full control over with new and improved technological features. Prepare your favorite herbs even easier than before with new dry and activate cycles. 

    Dry and Activate cycles

    These cycles allow you to unlock the full potency of your herbs, botanical and ingredients before the oil infusion process. Unlocking your chosen ingredients maximum potency provides optimal flavors and extends their shelf life. 

    LEVO app wireless connection allows you to:

    • Control your infusions on the go 
    • Access your oil infusions history
    • Use the Herb & Oil Calculator for maximum precision
    • Discover new recipes or share your favorite one


    LEVO II Infuser with Decarboxylatorhas a new fresh look and is loaded with new impressive features:

    • A simple LED interface provides full control over
    • Two cycles for Dehydration and Decarboxylation.
    • A durable silicone stirrer with large paddles for increased efficiency that comes with a Power Pod. 
    • A sleek slanted, ceramic-coated reservoir to wick oil and butter out with ease.
    • A reservoir allows you to infuse up to 19 ounces at a time and is dishwasher safe.
    • Child-Lock Option for added safety
    • 2 Year Warranty


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