Higher Standards Premium Hemp Cones

    Higher Standards Premium Hemp Cones are pre-rolled papers of pure hemp that are nicotine-free and tobacco-free. Made In The Dominican Republic, these slow-burning cones are easy to fill, taking all the fuss out of rolling your own. Higher Standards Premium Hemp Cones are expertly rolled with filters to allow for smooth, easy draws.

    Why Higher Standards Premium Hemp Cones?

    Many hemp smokers are making the switch to vaping for good. All the same, few cannabis sativa fans will turn down a beautifully rolled blunt. Much like the occasional fine cigar at the end of a good meal, a pure hemp cone filled with your favorite herb is even more satisfying. 

    For more information about the differences between vaping and smoking cannabis, feel free to check out our article 'Are there benefits to switching from smoking to vaping cannabis?' on the Evolved Smoke Blog

    How to use Higher Standards Pre-rolled Hemp papers

    Simply fill the cone with your herb of choice, leaving room at the top to twist it shut. Savor and enjoy.

    If you have a fine herbal blend that you’d like to turn into an experience, then Higher Standards Premium Hemp Cones are the ultimate accompaniment.

    If you don't have a fine herbal blend to fill these cones, we have you covered with Green Lotus Hemp Pre-Rolls that are filled, filtered, and ready-to-go.

    Includes: 2 x pre-rolled hemp paper cones per pack

    Ingredients: Premium hemp papers


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