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    Higher Standards Heavy Duty Rig

    Higher Standards Heavy Duty Glass Rig Kit

    The Heavy Duty Glass Rig is engineered with Higher Standards specifically for the water filtration of concentrates. This highly durable, medical-grade borosilicate glass rig has been beautifully handcrafted for powerful and reliable performances at every session. 

    14 mm Quartz Banger For Optimal Flavor Transfer

    This heavy duty 100% pure quartz crystal banger is extra thick and built to withstand the highest temperatures while still delivering the highest quality flavors. Its sturdy arm and steady design is build for heavy duty rips every time.

    Heavy Duty Rig boasts superior airflow and an airtight seal

    Its ergonomically designed mouthpiece is intentionally flared to create optimal airflow with minimal draw resistance resulting in maximum flavor extractions from your concentrates.

    Diffused Downstem

    A uniquely engineered water filtration design features a diffused downstem with narrow slits that produce finer bubbles. These bubbles increases contact between smoke and moisture resulting in purified, cool and flavorful inhales.

    Higher Standards Heavy Duty  Rig Kit Features: 

    • Handcrafted From Medical-Grade Borosilicate Glass
    • Inline Percolator
    • 7 mm Thick
    • Optimal Flavor Transfer Via Quartz Banger
    • Superior Airflow
    • Concentrate Pipe
    • Branded Clear Durable Glass
    •  Highest Quality Materials

    What's in the Reversible Collector’s Case

    Each Heavy Duty Rig kit comes with these items in reusable collector's case for safe convenient storage and transport. This sleek reversible collector's case fits it all so you can always keep this kit together: 

    • 1 x Higher Standards Heavy Duty Rig
    • 1 x Quartz Banger
    • 1 x Large Concentrate Tool
    • 1 x Small Concentrate Tool
    • 1 x Silicone Concentrate Container
    • Sleekly Packaged In A Collector Case For Discreet Travel


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