Green Lotus Hemp Pre-Rolls

    Green Lotus Hemp Pre-Rolls come in packs of 5 prerolls per package, each with 0.75 g of hemp flower and 110 mg of CBD rolled in clean-burning rice paper. Naturally rich in CBD and other therapeutic cannabinoids, Green Lotus Hemp Pre-Rolls allows you to enjoy organic hemp’s full array of terpenes and flavonoids. Rolled in organic rice paper that leaves no extra ash, this full-spectrum CBD smoke burns slow and even. For the smooth, delicious flavor of organic hemp in a convenient pre-roll, Green Lotus comes in two blends, Harmony and Jubilee. Carefully curated for day and night, respectively, Green Lotus Hemp Pre-Rolls have you covered.

    Effects of Green Lotus Hemp Pre-Rolls

    Available in two rich, flavorful variants, Green Lotus Hemp Pre-Rolls deliver premium joints, tightly packed with long cardboard filters for easy smoking.

    Sourced from the notorious Kush strain of cannabis sativa, Jubilee™ CBD Prerolls are the perfect joints to unwind to. Slow-cured, with strict quality controls in place, Green Lotus rolls the finest hemp into each of its joints. After a long, stressful day, Jubilee encourages you to relax and unwind. Enjoy rich notes of roasted coffee, plum jam, and warm spice.

    For an uplifting day-time strain, Harmony™ CBD preroll joints are based on Lifter cannabis strain. With a unique, fruity terpene profile of citrus, pear, and ripe berries, Harmony is the perfect day-time coffee-break smoke. Relieve anxiety and get your second wind with this tasty, full-spectrum CBD smoke.

    Green Lotus Hemp Pre-Rolls are expertly sourced, rolled, and ready to go. For a nostalgic, relaxing experience, stock up on these premium full-spectrum CBD pre-rolls.

    If vaping is more your style, Green Lotus still has you covered with their line of high quality, full-spectrum CBD oil. Green Lotus Hemp Premium Hemp Oil Cartridges are available, as well as O.PenVAPE 2.0 Variable Voltage Battery if you’re looking to make Evolved Smoke your one-stop CBD experience shop!

    Includes: 5 pre-roll joints per package. Each preroll comes in a plastic tube for discrete, easy transport.

    Ingredients: Organic, hand-trimmed, Oregon-grown Lifter or Kush hemp, organic rice paper.

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