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    Dr Dabber Light Atomizer & Mouthpiece Tip

    Dr Dabber Light Atomizer & Mouthpiece Tip Replacement

    This piece includes the top portion of the Dr. Dabber Light Pen, and utilizes low heat Titanium Technology, responsible for better flavor and increased efficiency.

    This unit will fit on any 510 thread battery, including the Dr. Dabber Light Battery (battery not included). The Light Top is comprised of 3 pieces:

    • Mouthpiece: Solid, contoured plastic that is ergonomically correct for a       comfortable fit.
    • Shell: An unobstructed shaft for optimal airflow.
    • Light Atomizer: Dr Dabber's compact Titanium Light atomizer featuring medical-grade ceramic chamber with a recessed Titanium coil for easier loading and enhanced flavor.

    *This unit is only suitable for oils and waxes.

    *This is a replaceable unit with an average life of 4-12 weeks (depending on usage).


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