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    DaVinci IQ Vaporizer

    DaVinci IQ - The Smart Precision Vaporizer

    This beautifully craftedDaVinci IQ is DaVinci’s most evolved vaporizer yet.Cleverly designed to take your vaping experiences to new heights!

    Created with smart technologies and high quality materials, the DaVinci IQ consistently delivers the purest vaping experience, just the way you like it.

    The DaVinci IQ insert and mouthpiece are made of 100% ceramic zirconia which is 20 times more durable than glass. The durable insert called the flavor chamber delivers elevated purity levels that you can taste.

    DaVinci IQ Smart Path Technology

    IQ is in the name with reason as this portable vape’s smart technology allows you to select from 4 different temperature settings.  Once selected, this HIGH IQ vape will set the best temperature to specifically maximize your vaping sessions. Let the DaVinci IQ do the work, sit back, relax and vape!

    DaVinci IQ Bluetooth App Integration

    Smart controls make your sessions more enjoyable. This DaVinci IQ app integration allows you to have complete control over your sessions to easily make adjustments as needed with the touch of a button. Track all relevant information through this app and your Smart Path Usage. This app extends the IQ's capabilities even further and allows your phone to turn on the DaVinci IQ as needed. 

    DaVinci IQ Features 3 Different Modes to customize your vape sessions

    1. Smart Path Mode provides 4 specific temperature path settings
    2. Precision Mode controls exact temperatures
    3. Boost modeallows for on-demand heating and cool

    Powerful, smart and simply awesome, the DaVinci IQ is highly evolved and locks in your personal preference for personally tailored vaping sessions every time. You can't really ask for more out of a portable vaporizer.

    Here are some more DaVinci IQ features just in case: 

    • Pre-fillable chamber for on-the-go reloading

    • 3500mAh 18650 Removable Battery

    • Pass-Through Micro USB Charging

    • Cool 51 Led Light Grid Display

    • One-Button Activates Extra Heat Boost Mode

    • 10 Year Warranty (with registration)


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