Boundless CFX

    Boundless CFX Vaporizer

    This pocket-sized powerhouse portable vape offers precision temperature control and convection heating. Pinpoint any temperature between 100 °F and 430 °F to tailor your clouds to perfection. Powered by two lithium-ion batteries it provides over an hour of continuous use with a rapid 30 to 60 minute charge time. 

    The Boundless CFX is super easy to use and its cool OLED display digitally lets you know exact temperature, session time, and remaining battery life. Its session timer shows how much time remains before the automatic shutoff powers the unit down and its vibration feature lets you know when it has reached your preferred temperature.

    The CFX vape has great open air flow that is fully isolated from the electronics. Its ribbed exterior makes it easy to grip and keeps the surface from its powerful hybrid heating capabilities. Portable, durable and easy to use, the boundless CFX also has a convenient mouthpiece that swivels out. The Boundless CFX Vaporizer hits all the right notes if you like high quality portable vapes that are super easy to use. 

    Boundless CFX Features: 

    • Wide Temperature Range
    • OLED HD Display Screen
    • Isolated Air Path
    • 2 Lithium-Ion Batteries
    • Vibration Notification System
    • Rapid 20-Second Heating
    • Magnetic Mouthpiece Connection 


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