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    Banana Bros. OTTO Grinder

    Otto Grinder by Banana Bros

    This smart automatic OTTO Grinder literally does it all from start to finish. It perfectly grinds your herbs into a cone ready for consumption. Just like that!

    Make a perfect cone in seconds with the awesome grinder that puts artificial intelligence to great use for all herb lovers! 

    Otto Grinder Special Features:

    SMART Technology OTTO’s evolved engineered technology adapts its pressure, speed, and direction based on the texture and consistency of your chosen materials automatically. No messing around, throw in your herbs and let the OTTO Grinder works in magic in seconds.

    Avoid the hassle of manually grinding your herbs AND rolling by completing the process with the compatible Banana Bros Otto Cones. This combination is not only a time-saver but makes any beginner seem like a pro as the end results are always perfect.

    The Otto Grinder consistently delivers evenly-grounded materials even are super sticky, dry, or full stems. The high-quality aerospace engineered aluminum milling plates are durable and efficient, making easy work of any type of herbs.

    Cleverly engineered with a spring-loaded grinder that mimics human grinding movements, allowing its content to be consistently ground to uniform perfection.

    This electric device willnot only grind and mill your herbs to the perfect consistency but delicately drops the perfectly shredded herbs right into your Otto Cones to make things even easier. Skip the rolling part too!

    This highly evolved grinder is lightweight, portable, and features a charging portal and comes with a USB charging cable. This makes the Banana Bros OttoGrinder indispensable as it also travel-friendly!

    Otto Grinder Instructions:

    1. Carefully detach the base and open it up. This is the grinder.

    2. Load the compartment with your material and close the base. You’ll hear a click to indicate you’ve closed it effectively.

    3. Next, take the plastic attachment. You’ll see that it houses a sachet holder or tube. Take a cone and insert it carefully into the tube.

    4. Attach the plastic attachment back to the base.

    5. Once the two parts are securely attached, place the grinder on a table, counter, or any other flat surface.

    6. To turn on the grinder, hold the power button down for a second or two. The power indicator will light up to indicate the device is on. To begin the grinding and rolling process, press the power button again once.

    7. The cone will get filled as the device grinds your herb into a perfect consistency.

    8. The device will stop once the process is done. Disconnect the attachment from the base.

    9. To remove the cone/joint, push up the cone holder.

    Overall, the Banana Bros. OTTO Grinder is a must-have for anyone who is a fan of smoking joints and wants to save time on the preparation process. A must-have for anyone fans of Cool Grinders


    Banana Bros Otto Grinder Overview:

    • Mill & Fill At The Touch Of A Button 
    • AI Adjusts The Direction, Speed, & Pressure
    • Even Grind Prevents Air Pockets & Runs
    • Grinds & Packs 20-30 Cones Per Charge
    • Compatible With All Short, Standard, or King-Sized Cones
    • 2 Year Warranty



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