Desktop Vaporizers

    Ideal For Home Usage And In Groups

    Powerful, reliable, and easy to use, Desktop Vaporizers require a power outlet so you never have to worry about battery life.

    Designed to remain stationary (mostly), they are extremely durable and provide everything you need for enjoyable sessions: large chambers, accurate temperatures, and very easy to use.

    With both whip and balloon inhalation methods any Desktop Vaporizer is great to use solo or in large groups and is a worthwhile investment.

    Overview of the different Desktop Vaporizers on the market

    Desktop Vaporizers are the most robust and compelling vaporizers available. It gives constant power with more volume for longer. You can enjoy your plant material in different ways through desktop vaporizers:

    • Whip (inhaling releases the vape)
    • Forced air (fan pushes the hot air out)
    • E-nail (eliminate the need for a torch)
    • Multifunctional (all-in-one, whip & forced air)

    There are 3 types of heating methods for desktop vaporizers:

    • Conduction
    • Convection
    • Induction Heating

    At Evolved Smoke, we’re offering Convection style Desktop Vaporizers. We recognize that it is the best extracting method for your natural health products. Because your plant is not not directly heated, the heated air goes through the material to extract the beneficial compounds for you to enjoy. If you’re serious about vaping and are ready to invest, you’ll enjoy the advanced heating options and temperature control for maximum efficacy.


    Volcano Classic

    Volcano Classic

    $479.00 USD
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    Volcano Classic $479.00 USD
    Storz & Bickel Plenty

    Storz & Bickel Plenty

    $249.00 USD
    Quick View

    Storz & Bickel Plenty $249.00 USD
    Arizer V Tower

    Arizer V Tower

    $139.99 USD
    Quick View

    Arizer V Tower $139.99 USD


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