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    Vaporizers: The Ultimate Guide

    Vaping: The Ultimate Guide

    Vaping cannabis is a safe, enjoyable way to scratch the itch to smoke without the ill effects. It is also arguably the best way to experience the entourage effect. To learn more about the entourage effect please visit our article ‘CBD Oil: What it is and how is it used.’ The full synergistic picture of a cannabis strain’s phenotypes or characteristics. Vaping is an experience invoking taste, smell, and a progression of positive and therapeutic emotional states. Overall, vaporizers will produce a healthier, tastier, and more potent inhaled experience than combusted cannabis. 

    The easiest and least labor-intensive way to figure out what kind of cannabis vaporizer fits your needs is to ask some basic questions about your preferences.

    How do you take your cannabis?

    Not only are there a wide range of vapes to choose from, but the modes of cannabis available to vape are varied, too. Mostly, you’ll be deciding between flowers and concentrates. 

    If you’re using cannabis buds, it is a good idea to use a grinder to break up the flower. Grindershelp to express the oils and compounds, releasing terpene aromas and potent flavonoids. Most importantly, grinding the flowers effortlessly creates an even surface area for uniform heating. This ensures you maximize the value and quality of your product.

    There are vapes on the market that allow for the use of both cannabis flowers and concentrate. By providing different settings and accessories, many vapes permit diverse customization for a single device. Those looking for a long-term investment that permits variability and diversity will appreciate this type of versatility.

    Are you an on-the-go or a homebody vaper?

    Not everyone’s living environment can accommodate a large desktop vaporizer, for various reasons. Discretion can be a major consideration and vape designers have you covered with many small, portable devices available. 

    This could leave some wondering why there is ever a benefit to having a large device. At this point, it’s time to get to the science of vaping to further break down how and why these products are designed in so many shapes and sizes. There is a method to the madness.

    All three types of vapes do the same three things

    It’s possible you recently took your first draw off a vape, felt like you just tasted weed for the first time, and now you’re here wondering why it was so much better than bong hits. The finer points of how that tasty vapor got made are often hidden by the device’s design. 

    Simply, three things happened: Heat was applied to the herb or concentrate. Heat began to extract the essential oils. Finally, the oils, including cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids evaporated into gas molecules as a vapor you inhaled. All three types of vapes do these three things using different heating methods.

    Conduction Vapes

    Vaping cannabis is a lot like cooking, so it can be useful to use cooking analogies to explain the difference between conduction, convection, and induction vaping. A conduction vape works like cooking on a stovetop. To cook pancakes in a skillet, you need that skillet to conduct heat from the stovetop element. That heat then needs to be distributed evenly. Lastly, to evenly cook that pancake, you have to flip it, allowing the uncooked side to come into contact with the heated surface. 

    The same goes for vaping cannabis with a conduction vape. These vapes have a bowl area that heats up and comes into direct contact with the flower or concentrate. A part of the herb or the concentrate won’t come into direct contact with that bowl. Just like the pancake, the uncooked product needs to come into contact with the bowl. By stirring the cannabis, you ensure even cooking.

    Convection Vapes

    The purpose of vaporizing cannabis in the first place is to reduce the harmful effects of combustion on the product and our health. Once you’ve enjoyed conduction vaping, you have already sidestepped the harm. What’s next? You might find yourself wondering how much more flavor, aroma, and subtlety of experience you could extract with a more refined mechanism. Convection is that level up.

    Heating an oven to roast veggies is the cooking equivalent of vaping with convection. You also set a temperature on your convection vape to decarboxylate your herb or concentrate. This precision of heat control is part of the benefits of leveling up from conduction to convection vapes. While you can certainly set a temperature with conduction vapes, you can’t always be certain that the heat is evenly distributed, much like cooking on a stovetop. 

    An oven or air fryer will fill a chamber with evenly heated air and roast those veggies to perfection from all directions. The convection vape does the same. Either an internal fan propels the heated air over and through the cannabis, or your drawing air through the chamber causes this airflow. 

    Induction Vapes

    Induction is the new kid on the vaping block. While there aren’t as many induction vapes as convection or conduction vapes, they are worth covering as there will no doubt be more in the future. The easiest way to think about induction is to compare it to an induction stovetop. These stovetops, when activated, produce a magnetic field through a coil permitting the flow of an alternating current. Heat is created only when a pot is placed on the induction stovetop, at which point heat-creating eddy currents are produced to meet the pot’s pressure against the magnetic field.

    Induction vapes work in the same way. A workpiece containing the herb or concentrate will come into contact with the coil, producing vapor in less than 10 seconds. Overall, the process is faster, practically instant, with more even heat applied and less direct contact with that heat, producing a cleaner vapor that is ultimately the healthiest of the three options by a small margin. 

    Pen, Portable, or Desktop Vape?

    The way a device produces vapor, either through conduction, convection, or induction, will determine the way it is designed. When you’re deciding to spend anywhere from $50 to $700 for a device, a few more considerations are left to be made. For the most part, vapes are distinguished by their portability and size, rather than their method of vaporization.

    Many vaporizers will offer a hybridized heating method to maximize vapor-producing efficiency. Arizer ArGo Vaporizer uses patented hybrid heating technology that fuses the best of convection and conduction methods for a superior vaping experience. Completely customizable, this powerful, compact portable vape is user-friendly and packs a huge return on investment. 

    Vape Pens

    Pen vaporizers, or “vape pens”, are the most affordable on the market and use conduction and the power of your draw to create vapor. Small and discrete, they are designed to fly under the radar and look much like e-cigarettes. Designed specifically for those who are on the go, they fit into any small space and come in a variety of colors and styles. Vapor is produced with the push of a button or direct draw, with a fast-heating system. 

    Yocan Evolve Plus XL Vaporizer is a popular option for on-the-go concentrate users. With quartz dual atomizers for fast conduction heating, this vape pen from Yocan can be used with Diamonds, Rosin, Live Resin, Wax, and Shatter. Dr. DabberLightVaporizer Kit, with titanium technology, heats to the ideal temperature slowly for a more nuanced vape pen experience. Like Yocan (R)Evolve and Evolve Plus XLDr. DabberLightVaporizer Kit is made for traveling concentrate users who prioritize discretion.

    O.penVAPE 2.0 Variable Voltage Battery is another convenient and affordable travel option. Sleek and compact, with 4 voltage modes for better control over your vaping experience, this pen battery is compatible with any 510 thread cartridge.

    Portable Vapes

    Next in line is the portable vape, which offers both conduction and convection-produced vapor. Many portable vapes provide various patented hybrids of both methods. Several portable vapes are flexible enough to vaporize cannabis flower or concentrate, often coming with pre-sets and different parts to accommodate both preferences. Portable vapes are closer to desktop vapes in the quality of vapor they produce.

    You may be on the fence about making the worthy but considerable long-term investment in a desktop vaporizer like Storz & Bickel’s Volcano Vaporizer. If so, you might consider a hard-working beginner’s portable vaporizer instead. 

    An award-winning portable device, Arizer Air Vaporizer is an easy-to-use, hybrid heating vaporizer that delivers big value in a small, discrete package. Quality design and components, low cost, and superior vapor quality are just a few of Arizer Air’s stand-out features.

    For supreme power and efficacy that fits in your pocket, the Mighty Vaporizer from Storz & Bickel delivers. Like other high-quality portable vapes, the Mighty uses a patented combination of convection and conduction heating to maximize battery life and vapor quality. 

    Desktop Vapes

    Finally, the desktop vaporizer is designed to produce the most flavorful and potent vapor. That extra space allows for a great many features, including the balloon. Ideal for sharing, with breath-like zero resistance delivery, the vape balloon is an airtight and naturally cooled environment. Perfectly sealing in optimally extracted cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids, the balloon revolutionized the vaping experience. 

    The power of superior convection vaping becomes apparent in a medical-grade, cult-classic like the Volcano Vaporizer by Storz & Bickel, designed to produce the perfect cannabis vapor with minimal effort. The Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer offers the flexibility of the balloon and tube kit smoking interfaces. With all the customization you would expect from a high-end desktop vaporizer, Storz & Bickel’s Volcanos and Plenty Vaporizer all accommodate dry herb and concentrates.

    Look no further than Top Vapor VP-100 Vaporizer for an affordable, entry-level desktop vape that is easy to use. With a classic whip-style smoking interface and analog temperature control, this sturdy desktop vape has a delightfully old-school aesthetic. High-quality and reliable, this efficient desktop vape delivers strong, consistent hits every time.

    Vaping cannabis improves your experience

    Vaporizing is a great way for novice smokers to experience cannabis and concentrates for the first time. Veteran smokers will be blown away by the improvement in their health and experience when they quit combustion and trade up. Devices range from small and discrete vape pens to large convection desktop vaporizers. With more knowledge about the differences between conduction, convection, and induction vapes, you can confidently take your entourage effect exploration to the next level. 


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