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    The 6 Best Reasons to Vape Cannabis

    It’s no secret that we like vaporizers here at Evolved Smoke. We are truly passionate about two things: a) the health and wellness benefits of cannabis sativa and b) promoting vaping cannabis as the safest way to get them.


    Vaping Cannabis for Health & Wellness Benefits

    The medicinal benefits of cannabis are of vital importance to the health and well-being of countless people across the world. There are many ways to ingest, apply, and inhale cannabis. With so many safe alternatives, there is no significant reason to embrace regular cannabis smoking instead of vaping. There is certainly no scientific evidence to support a casual attitude towards inhaling PACs. If you'd like to learn more, our article 'Vaporizing vs Smoking?' goes a little deeper. 

    Understandably, some prospective cannabis users who are new to the culture are fundamentally against vaping because it looks like smoking. These users are otherwise eager to experience the benefits for medical purposes. A good dose of science is the best medicine for myths! 

    Here are our top 6 reasons for vaping cannabis:


    1) No Combustion With Vaped Cannabis

    When scientists study cannabis sativa, they often use vaporizers. This is becoming the standard in place of smoking to protect the subject's lung health. 

    Storz & Bickel, the makers of the legendary Volcano Vaporizer, can boast that they make the only medical-grade vaporizer in the world.1,2 It is incorporated in numerous studies, which attests to the efficacy and safety of vaporizers as a smoke-free delivery system for cannabis:

    “The HPLC analysis of the vapor found that the Volcano delivered 36%-61% of the THC in the sample…the gas phase of the vapor consisted overwhelmingly of cannabinoids, with trace amounts of three other compounds. In contrast, over 111 compounds were identified in the combusted smoke, including several known PAHs.”3

    The study continues to conclude that:

    “This strongly suggests that vaporization is an effective method for delivering medically active cannabinoids while effectively suppressing other potentially deleterious compounds that are a byproduct of combustion.”3


    2) Entourage Effect: Nature is Full-spectrum


    Vaping cannabis is a consistent, reliable delivery system for the entourage effect, the synergistic interaction of all-natural compounds found in cannabis. When combusted, terpenes and flavonoids are destroyed. When vaporized, they are seamlessly blended with the vaporized cannabinoids. This is the Entourage Effect at its purest. When a cannabis product is called ‘full-spectrum’ it means that it also imparts all of these natural compounds. The highest-quality, full-spectrum cannabis products simulate the effects of vaping pure cannabis buds. 

    Cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids are also highly volatile. The perfect temperature range for vaping cannabis is between 180 and 212° Fahrenheit to experience them together.

    Tip for beginners: Begin your vaping journey at temperatures near or lower than 180° Fahrenheit. While pen vapes won't allow you to control temperature, a high-quality portable or desktop vaporizer certainly will. The Mighty Vaporizer by Storz & Bickel pictured in the banner image for this blog is an excellent high-end portable vape that allows for accurate temperature settings.

    Beginning at lower temperatures will give you an appreciation for the types of flavor experiences cannabis can provide. Your session isn't done until your buds are toasted golden brown, so slowly increase the temperature until they are. You will get thicker plumes of vapor at these higher temperatures, too.

    Vaping with a full-spectrum CBD cartridge or full-spectrum concentrate is the next most natural way to get full-spectrum CBD.


    3) Accurate Dosing

    It is often assumed that edibles and topicals offer a simple way to avoid inhaling vaporized or smoked cannabis for medical use. That is certainly true and these are effective options for various therapeutic applications. 

    Topicals are wonderfully effective for the treatment of specific ailments. They are an excellent complement to a pain management program that includes vaped cannabis. Our skin has ample CB1 and CB2 receptors to directly absorb CBD and other cannabinoids into our skin. The effect is entirely different from vaporizing, however. Topicals are most effective for isolated issues, like back pain, swelling, inflammation, and so on. Just as you would use Deep Heat for a sore back, you might still choose ibuprofen or a safer alternative, to treat more urgent symptoms internally. 

    An edible can serve as this safe alternative. The drawback of edibles is the steep learning curve for dosing and the delayed-onset. It can be difficult for novice users to get an effective dose right for medical reasons. 

    Vaping cannabis is the gold standard for achieving fast effects in a user-friendly, simple manner. This allows you to decide on further dosage fast without planning.


    4) Fast Absorption of compounds

    As a smokeless delivery system, vaping also gets top marks for quick absorption and onset. When a minimum of 30% cannabinoids is absorbed directly into your bloodstream, a small amount of cannabis produces a powerful result quickly. Within five minutes you will know if you need to vape for further effects. Contrast that with an edible, which takes 2-4 hours to kick in. An edible’s effects will be affected by far more variables, like time of day, digestive health, and overall diet. 

    Not only do you absorb compounds faster, getting that first inhale is also a breeze. Chances are if you’re reading about the benefits of vaping, you take inhaled cannabis seriously enough to consider it time-worthy. Vaping cannabis is extremely quick and efficient. Few vapes take more than a minute or two to heat up. Some are ready to go. For a detailed look at different vapes and some recommendations, check out our article 'Vaporizers: The Ultimate Guide'.


    5) Increased potency = Cost Effective

    We could count increased potency and cost effectiveness of vaping cannabis as two benefits, but they go hand in hand. When no less than 30% of cannabinoids are successfully converted into an inhalable vapor, you have a strong product. The increased potency also means that you don't need to waste as much cannabis as you would when smoking it.

    Already Vaped Buds (AVBs) make your cannabis twice as valuable if you save them and use them for making edibles. For more information about AVBs, check out our blog article 'What to Do With Already Vaped Buds (AVBs)'.


    6) Discretion


    Even among people who smoke cannabis regularly, the odor of smoked herb can be jarring. The smell of anything smoked lingers on fabric, skin, and hair. 

    While many associate those large billowing clouds of thick, white vapor with ‘vaping’, that isn’t the best approach for effectively vaping cannabis. The reason doesn’t just appeal to a sense of discretion. Heavy, satisfying clouds of vapor could mean your product has been heated a little too warm too fast. While this still won’t combust your herb, it also means that vapor isn’t going into your lungs. And considering that vapor is more than 30% cannabinoids, you don’t want that to go to waste. Lower temperatures will make smaller plumes. If you hold them in long enough it might look like you’re exhaling nothing at all. That’s a good vape session. 



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